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Suger. Spice. And everything nice...

These were the ingredients chosen to create the PERFECT IDOL GIRLS.

But Professor IKEBUKURO accidently added an ingredient to the concoction….



Using thier ultra super powers,

HIKARU, MARY, and LAYLA have dedicated their lives to FIGHTING CRIME and the FORCES OF EVIL!!!

※Mobamas SS degozaimasu

SSWiki : http://ss.vip2ch.com/jmp/1379126341

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Narrator “The city of Townsville…is now in some sort of communication trouble…well for me it’s not a trouble at all, though…HAHAHA! No more Japanese!! F*CK YOU ALL!! English RULES!!!”

【Powerpuff Production Office】

Hikaru “Nihonngo ga hanase naku natteru…!!”

Layla “Really desune… it’s lucky I had the chance to learn English in my homeland”

Mary “Eh? Well then, guess I’d better speak in English too…”

Hikaru “Zuruizo futari tomo!!!”


Prof.IKE “Hey girls!! Here comes the HOT LINE form the MAYOR MobaP!!”

Mary “I’m on it!! …Hello,Darling?”

Layla “Seems like we’re having some work to do, degozaimasu…”

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Hikaru “Na…nande Hakase mo eigo hanaseru? ”

Prof.IKE “English is the required skill for all scientists nowadays, Hikaru. Maybe you should study English harder at your school, too…If you wanna be a world class HERO.”

Hikaru “Ta, tashikani… eigo hanasereba Sekai no Hito wo Sukueru na!!”

Helen “Did you just say World Class?”

Prof.IKE “Back you go to Ogasawara Islands please, Helen….”


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Mary “Hey girls!! Darling says that this NO JAPANESE All ENGLISH situation is caused by evil villain REINA!!”

Prof.IKE “Oh, Reina…it’s her tricks again…”

Hikaru “Reina…kyou no itazura ha kekkou sugoina…”

Layla “Time is money deseuyo, we’d better be going fast or there would be much more trouble!”

Mary “Layla’s right! Ok,then…Powerpuff Idols are on the GO!!”

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【Downtown Townsville】

Reina “AAHHHAAAAAHHAAA!!! How is my TRICK!! No Japanese!! Comes the trouble!! AAHHHAAAAAHHAA,gehogeho…!!”

Mary “Not so fast, Reina!!”

Hikaru “HERO SANJYO!!”

Layla “Bad girl needs some OSHIOKI degozaimasu desuyo!”

Reina “Powerpuff Idols!!”

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Hikaru “Na, nande Reina made eigo hanaserunda!?”

Reina “ AAHHHAAAAAHHAAA!!! That’s because the great and the powerful Reina is going to rule the world!! English is necessary for SEKAI SEIFUKU!!”

Mary“Hah? You mean you studied English for that stupid reason, and you actually mastered it?”

Layla “Hard-working desune? After all, Reina is a Good girl…desuka?”

Nanjyo “Demo sorenara Eigo jya nakute nihongo wo sekaino minna ga hanaseru youna itazura sureba yokunaika?”

Reina “….SHUT UP YOU GIRLS!! Are you going to fight with me or not!?”

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Mary “Well… what do you say, Girls?”

Layla “Layla-san is so so in both English and Japanese…whichever language is acceptable degozaimasu”

Hikaru “…Eigo wo hanaserutte daiji dato omou. Demo koko ha Nihon dakara yappari Eigo jya nakute Nihongo wo Daiji ni shitai!!”

Mary “Hikaru said a good thing!! In Japan, do as the Japanese do!! That’s the true keyword for true globalization and understanding other culture!!”

Layla “hmm…OK desuyo. So, in that case…?”

Hikaru “Matasenata, HERO time da!! Kakugo shiro REINA!!”





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光「でも、レイナのおかげで英語を勉強しようって思えるようになったぞ! ヒーローは世界中の人を助けなきゃいけないからな!」




池袋博士「あ、アーニャの力を利用して…я не говорю только русский!!」




ナレーター「アンド ソウ ワンス アゲン ダ デーイ イズ セィブド、 テェンクス トゥ……ダ パワパフアイドォルズ!! ……ニホンゴ ワカリマセーン ムズカシーネ…xxxx…」


引用元: MobaP "Powerpuff Idols?"